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Tokenizing real world assets for improved liquidity and capital allocation.

Buy, swap or trade ECO

Stake 100 ECO for access

ECORISE provides decentralized finance (DeFi) tools for natural capital and real estate investors to securely tokenize, store, buy, sell or trade their real world assets.

decentralized finance (DeFi) meets regenerative finance (ReFi) meets real world assets (RWA)

ECORISE uses innovative blockchain and NFT (non-fungible token, or unique digital ownership) technology to create digital twins of real world assets (RWA).

ECORISE provides Tokenization as a Service (Taas):

1.  Brings natural capital and real estate data on-chain
2.  Turns property titles and deeds into NFTs.
3.  Assigns metadata to dynamic NFTs 
4. Uses Natural Capital Data as Currency.


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